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How to Pick the Right Videographer & Photographer for Your Wedding Day

Cabin Wedding Weekend in 'The King of the Mountain' — Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

'Friends & Family only!' this was the criteria given by Jake & Caitlyn for who was allowed to be a part of their intimate wedding weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains. The problem was, they love a lot of people..

The only option was to book a small, modest cabin that could only sleep a measly 84 people.

King of the Mountain Pigeon Forge Large Cabin Exterior at Night Aerial

The King of the Mountain is an all-in-one cabin that had just about anything a wedding party could ever need. An indoor pool, hot-tub, a double-wide kitchen, billiards, and of course a Big-Buck Hunter arcade machine. The one thing that always seemed to be missing was the Busch Light, which continued to be in short supply.

Caitlyn & Jake, the bride and groom of our story, decided they really didn't need any wedding vendors. With the help of their own personal army of loved ones, they had all of their bases covered. Planning, florals and decor were covered by the bride herself. All of the food was expertly cooked by the groom, along with the help of his groomsmen. Day-of coordination was handled by family. The only missing piece was someone to capture it all. They didn't want to take any of their loved-ones 'out of the moment' and truly wanted a quality record of their special day, not just a phone propped up on a can of beer. So they started their search for a Wedding Media team.

(Enter Us.)

The Gabhart Media Team

As the two of them searched for Photography and Videography options, there was a real concern about chemistry.

Will these people fit in seamlessly with those who are truly closest to us?

Will it be uncomfortable hosting perfect strangers on the most important day of our lives?

These were important questions to have. With any wedding, chemistry & comfort are vital things to consider!

So how do you find a Photographer, a Videographer, or really any vendor that is the right fit for you and your wedding day?

Talk to them.

When planning a wedding, and building your wedding team, it can be so easy to just focus on packages and prices. That's a subject for another day. While these numbers and data determine a lot, they rarely have the final say. What really seals the deal is finding a vendor you trust. This takes face-time, intentional conversation. There’s only so much connection that can be found through text on a screen. This is why getting face-time with your vendors is vital, even if it’s only virtual.

Think about this: I would freely go out of my way to visit a sandwich shop where they know my name and my order before I walk in the door. Even in this small way, it shows they have a connection with me. Wouldn’t you want a similar feeling from someone on your wedding team? You want to find people who connect with you and believe in you.

As a wedding media duo, our job is focused on, connection. Capturing the connection between a bride and groom, between a bride and her maid of honor, between a groom and his mother, you get the picture. The first connection that this is all based on: our connection with the bride & groom.

When it came to Jake & Caitlyn's wedding, (Spoiler Alert) we hit it off!

From our first Zoom call, Caitlyn and Jake had a fun-loving, caring, and kind attitude that we easily connected with. Thankfully, they saw us in a similar light, as good people who would totally mesh with their friends and family.

Here’s the thing most people won’t tell you as you’re seeking out vendors to join your wedding team. You WILL NOT connect with many of the vendors you inquire with. The other thing they won’t tell you: that’s okay!

Not everyone will be right for you and your wedding. What’s good is that when it’s the right fit, you’ll definitely know when you’re face-to-face. Don’t waste your time deciphering someone’s character through emails, talk to them!

The most important thing you can do is try—you just might make a connection.


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