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Our Story


High School Sweethearts turned Business Partners

After 7 years together, we began this business essentially on accident. Michael was doing photo and video for an event and Madi joined as an assistant “just this one time”... or so we thought. Turns out, we LOVE working as a team for you.


After becoming parents, we were reminded that the small moments are really the big moments — moments you will never regret preserving.


We have been documenting weddings and love stories for three years now and have gained so much knowledge and experience along the way. Between investing in photo + video education and giving our gear a MASSIVE upgrade this past year, you’re getting us at our best version yet! It has been an exhilarating ride and one we wouldn't trade for the world.


We are so thankful for every couple that has trusted us with their story and we are SO PUMPED to celebrate now with YOU!!!


Our Approach

Here is a taste of our documentarian approach,
and the experience our couples have:

Candid moments of laughter and love are our bread and butter. Our primary focus is capturing your day exactly as it happened with as little posing as possible.

As the bride and groom, we want you to feel confident and at ease. After all, it is time to party and enjoy yourselves!


We are there to document your love and life together with your closest family and friends — not to make you feel like you are putting on a show.


Focus on making the memories, and we’ll handle capturing it all.



Let's make this happen.

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